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VA Dent - Dental Boutique is offering a full range of services in Baku for 10 years! We constantly monitor the market development of dentistry, so to treat and maintain the aesthetics of the oral cavity, we offer you the most advanced technology and materials.

Why you should contact the dental clinic VA Dent

VADent- are qualified doctors
All our professionals are highly qualified, which combined with years of experience allows you to be quiet for the quality of our services. The site clinic You can pre-acquainted with each specialist.

VADent - it is a safe treatment
Modern dentistry requires not only quality of care, but also its security. Our clinics are paying particular attention to compliance programs "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis".

VADent - it's painless treatment
Doctors Clinic guarantees you a painless treatment! The modern equipment, innovative devices and certified materials from Germany, Japan and the US, which are used in nashiey clinic allows you to get a painless and safe treatment.

VADent- is the most modern equipment to high-quality treatment and restorations.

VADent - located in the center of Baku. The clinic operates six days a week, you can get tested at any convenient day.

VADent - this co-operation with insurance companies
We are grateful to our patients because they trust us the most valuable - your health! In our clinic we treated the whole family, many friends lead. In order to evaluate the quality of our services - sign up for consultation dentist at a convenient time for you!